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Picture of Martha Rhodes

Martha Rhodes. I do the paperwork! Also, the website and the social media.

Martha has over 25 years of general clerical, administrative and communications experience. Although Martha started her career in the printing industry as a typesetter, the bulk of her later experience is in the construction trades as an administrator. Throughout her career, she has published articles for newspapers and internet sites and for more than two years, she was the Owner/Editor of a local weekly newspaper which had a circulation of approximately 6500 in southern New Mexico.

She has experience in a variety of business applications and software programs including Microsoft Word, Excel, Microsoft Works, Quickbooks and various other software programs used for correspondence, accounting, job costing, budgeting, photo manipulation, web page design and publishing. At one time she studied as a paralegal, which has helped her to advocate for her variety of interests and pursuits which include, promoting compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, changing public perceptions regarding mental health, and prison reform.

My areas of strength are research, devotion to the mission and a lot of ideas! For more about me check out my Blog.

Martha Rhodes Online

Picture of Danny Rhodes

Danny Rhodes, Consultant. I am a retired tool and die maker with more than 25 years of experience. My primary focus was working on large stamping presses. I can no longer work on this type of equipment but am willing to teach others this very lucrative craft.


Picture of Megan Light

Megan Light, Travel Consultant. Kicking The Bucket List Travel

Travel Consultant Bio Page

Picture of Anthony Bennett

Anthony Bennett, Consultant. I was a contractor for the Air Force. I hold an Associates in Contracts Management and receive my Bachelor's Degree in Logistics Management in May 2016. After I retired this year, I was hired as a private contractor for the Air Force in Alaska.


Picture of Laura Shrestha

Laura Shrestha, Consultant. I hold a Master's Degree in Design Studies in Preservation & Sustainability from Boston Architectural College. My interest is in providing designs for people with disabilities, specifically unseen disabilities.


Picture of Danny Rhodes II

Danny Rhodes II, Consultant. Molder Operator for Xerxes Corporation and of The Gaming Solutions