Organization Chart
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This is our family and we've always helped each other. Each of us has agreed that we will devote our time to help improve our home in Morgan County, WV and we hope to attract others to our cause. We have a lot of experience and talent at our disposal both here in Morgan County and as the extended family we have as members of our organization. More about this coming up....check back. For more about our projects look to our home page.

Travel Morgan County

Picture of Martha Rhodes

Martha Rhodes, President. My areas of strength are research, devotion to the mission and a lot of ideas! My professional experience is as a mother (#1) and as an administrator in the construction industry.


Picture of Danny Rhodes

Danny Rhodes, Consultant. I am a retired tool and die maker with more than 25 years of experience. My primary focus was working on large stamping presses. I can no longer work on this type of equipment but am willing to teach others this very lucrative craft.


Picture of Anthony Bennett

Anthony Bennett, Consultant. I am currently in the Air Force doing contracting. I hold an Associates in Contracts Management and receive my Bachelor's Degree in Logistics Management in May 2016.


Picture of Laura Shrestha

Laura Shrestha, Consultant. I hold a Bachelor of Design Studies in Preservation & Sustainability and am currently a student at the Boston Architectural College