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Louie Somers has some great videos of our area.
We saw this one and asked if we could use it to demonstrate how beautiful it is here. For more, you can subscribe to his YouTube Channel.

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History has it's place, but it is not the only reason to come to West Virginia. It's clear that West Virginia needs up and coming, innovative businesses and outreach to entrepreneurs, IT professionals and future techies (our children) for us to grow. Our mission is to help support and encourage businesses in our area through education and networking. Since part of business is attracting visitors, we want to share the excitement of our area in the here and now - the fishing, the views, the romance, the water and the many adventures here in West Virginia. We hope to involve everyone who has a vested interest in growth for our area. We work with several organizations and local youth to produce materials, programs and activities that will showcase our area. Let's face it, our kids have less time to get into trouble if they are having other adventures. We want to engage youth into promoting our area.

What's Going On In Our Area?

Check out the Morgan County Adventure Group! for events listings. You can also find products and services offered by area businesses on Amazon

For businesses and individuals interested in opening a business, get advice and information about funding sources and free stuff by signing up for our newsletter. (Coming Soon) by emailing the admin.

Currently we are seeking local business support and relationships with graphic artists, developers, community activists and action groups who want to make a positive difference in Morgan County. If you are truly interested in trying to support and promote business, industry and philanthropy in Morgan County, please contact us.


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Tired of driving an hour to work? Is your only view the tail lights of the car or truck in front of you? We have such beautiful small towns and landscapes in the United States and Morgan County wants to invite entrepreneurs to our lovely area. We have lots of commercial space available. If you have a great idea for a business, we want you! Commercial Properties Available


Morgan Wireless

JGM Properties - Professional Office Spaces In Berkeley Springs

The Gaming Solutions

Contact Info:

Email: admin@travelmorgancounty.com, Phone: 505-385-0198, Address: 4292 River Road, Berkeley Springs, WvV 25411.