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U.S. Small Business Administration

Berkeley Springs Under Water

Picture of M. Rhodes

Lot's of people I've talked to wonder why businesses don't locate here. So, we wanted to let you in on what we think may be a factor.

Most businesses are going to look at the U.S. Small Business Administration's (SBA) website to do their research. Of course, the first thing they tell you is to do is create a business plan. Creating a business plan is one of the things that the SBA helps you with. They have an online tool. The tool tell you that you need to use their database to analyze competition, etc. for your business plan. It asks what state you want to locate your business in and what county. Then there is a drop down menu that asks you what city. When you search the site you will discover that the SBA does not have Berkeley Springs on their list as a “city”. It does have Bath (Berkeley Springs) Here's the problem, the maps show our city as “Berkeley Springs” and so does the postal service. Bath is basically just a neighborhood and historical reference to Berkeley Springs so why would Berkeley Springs not be listed under Berkeley Springs? Does anybody else think this listing should be changed? Answer our survey below.