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Causes & Projects We Support

We are tirelessly working to improve our world by supporting projects that benefit the health and well being of people in the United States and their right to work. Therefore, some or all of our administrators support the following:


Department of State
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) Notice of Funding Opportunity
(NOFO): FY 2016 Arts Envoy Program
Announcement Type: New Cooperative Agreement
Funding Opportunity Number: ECA-ECAPEC-16-029
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Number: 19.415
Application Deadline: May 27, 2016
Executive Summary

The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) Office of Citizen Exchanges, Cultural Programs Division (referred to throughout this NOFO as ECA/PE/C/CU) announces an open competition to support the Arts Envoy Program. U.S. public and private organizations meeting the provisions described in Internal Revenue Code section 26 U.S.C. 501 (c) (3) may submit proposals to provide administrative support for the Arts Envoy Program. Through this cooperative agreement, ECA plans to support approximately 200 traveling Arts Envoys engaging all six geographical regions of the world. Applicants may only submit one proposal under this competition. If multiple proposals are received from the same applicant, all submissions will be declared ineligible and receive no further consideration in the review process. For more information: Review this PDFTravel Morgan County is a non-profit 501c3 organization.

Encouraging Business Development In Morgan County, WV - Because no one else seems to be doing it for any industry other than tourism in our county. Find Out More

Adding ADA Compliant Walkways For Events In Our Area - After attending the 2015 Apple Butter Festival it became apparent that the festival was outgrowing it's venue however more importantly the area is just not safe for people with disabilities and many can't attend. We are working through community action groups to improve the facilities for next year's festival. Read more about this.

Wounded Warrior Project Wounded Warriors Project - Because they've earned any help they ask for.

End Mass Incarceration - The legal system has been corrupted with many thanks to the invention of the plea bargain. It has been thriving on the backs of the poor and ill people in our country and has created a situation where groups of innocent people are being incarcerated in large numbers in order to provide jobs for those working in the judicial system and private prisons, etc... This has basically created a caste system instead of the "land of the free and home of the brave". More on this project: End Mass Incarceration

Ban The Box - Many people that have been charged with crimes whether innocent or not accept plea bargains in order to avoid lengthy prison terms. When background reports are generated for work purposes, they merely report the crime and it's disposition without giving an applicant a chance to explain what happened. When you are charged with a crime you can plead "no contest" which most mentally ill people would opt to take because it does not admit guilt but yet does admit that the state probably has enough evidence to prove their case. They take this plea because they are unsure of what happened or their participation in whatever event that caused their arrest. They are often self-medicating because they haven't been diagnosed and so these charges are typically drug related.

When applying for a job and if they have accepted a plea, it shows up on background reports with a disposition of guilty. Many people with a treatable mental illness do not know they have an illness until they end up in the legal system and many of these illnesses are considered disabilities under the Social Security Administration Guidelines. Employers that discriminate against the mentally ill due to the contents in these background reports unwittingly promote applying for disability benefits.

Most of the people we have talked to that have these disorders say they want to earn a living and we don't think this nation can afford them all on disability. People should have a right to work, whatever their criminal history. There are so many reasons why this is just wrong.

Legalization of Marijuana - Because it never should have been illegal to begin with and the only reason it was is because lawyers can afford stock in big pharmaceutical companies that don't want you to feel better thanks to a plant. They want you to purchase their pills so that you have to continue to use those in stronger and stronger dosages.

Bipolar Disorder - It's not a decision, it's an illness.

Decriminalizing Mental Illness - People do not wake up one day and make the decision to be mentally ill. Recognizing the signs of mental illness is a tricky business but often families do know that something is not quite right with one of their family members. There are long-term ramifications to being labeled “mentally ill” so many family members just hope their loved one will snap or grow out of the troubles their are experiencing. Counseling is the generally accepted method for dealing with mental illness but counselors would have to be able to read the mind of someone in order to counsel them regarding their current state of mind should they take a turn for the worse. Manic episodes can last anywhere from minutes to hours to days.Read More

Putting An End To Commercialized Tobacco - We all know tobacco is not good for you. The evidence to this is very compelling. Commercialized tobacco is not just tobacco. Many chemicals are added for various reasons. If you want to smoke something that you know is bad for you, at least grow it. That way you'll know what's in it. The average cigarette pack costs $5.51 per pack. If you're up to a pack a day, that's over $167 per month!