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My Berkeley Springs, WV

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All About My Berkeley Springs LLC. In Morgan County, WV

General Information

Business License What does this business do? The business is engaged in public relations activities for Morgan County business interests and the arts through this community hub which encourages participation by residents to provide local news, events and information about Morgan County, WV and it's communities through this site and our various social media sites. Although "My Berkeley Springs" is the name of this community site because Berkeley Springs is the county seat, all business and residents of Morgan County are encouraged to participate.

We are not seeking to hire a developer for this site although will are looking into developing partnerships with both developers, artists and individuals with an interest in promoting Morgan County business.

We currently hold various site names that are available for development. Sites Available For Development If you are interested in any of these site names, simply contact us.

Our Affiliates:

Commission Junction, IPage, various community action groups and residents working for a brighter Morgan County, West Virginia.

In cooperation with: Travel Morgan County - A non-profit organization that promotes Morgan County businesses and/or sponsors educational events for business in Morgan County.

Our Administrators:

Multiple dogs, a cat, a rabbit and eleven koi

Those who choose to remain anonymous (more than 2 and less than 100).

Martha Rhodes, a new resident of Morgan County and currently looking for a full-time administrative position in our area. If you have a question or comment about something on this site,please feel free to contact me (outside of Facebook). My email is at the bottom of each page and on the Contact Page.

Personal Notes: I am not attempting to put forth the image that I never make mistakes (so you might find typos or even misspelled words, etc). Just tell me. I appreciate the second set of eyes.

Causes & Projects We Support

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