Contact Info: 4292 River Road, Berkeley Springs WV 25411

E-mail: rhodesd55@gmail.com

Cell - (915) 276-7252


Worked with such materials as: steel (stainless, low carbon, high carbon), aluminum alloy combinations, plastics, nylon, teflon, lexan, polyethylene, brass, lead, titanium, tantalum, quartz, lava rock, aluminum oxide epoxy, magnesium, phenolic, cadmium, tin, gold, nickel, silver, fiberglass, carbon boron nitrate, ceramic, tungsten, rubber , beryllium-copper, vespel and tooling metals such as A-2, D-2, S- 7, H-13, O-1, 4140 (prehard), and other hardened materials. Also worked with classified and new materials whose machine characteristics are unknown.

Supervision of personnel to repair tooling. Ordered tooling equipment and supplies for the smooth operation of tool room die repairs and metal stamping presses.

Comprehensive experience on a wide variety of machines used for the following: cutting, drilling, turning, milling, and grinding to include machine maintenance and calibration. Experience with an array of gauges and other precision measuring devices in both English and Metric units including the use of rules, calipers, verniers, micrometers, gage blocks, and dial indicators. A complete understanding of the relationships between the material specifications of the piece, the material of the cutting tool, the speed and feed rates for the cut, the angle of the cut, the cutting fluid specifications, and for grinding the grinding wheel specifications. Experience fabricating internal and external tapers and screw threads.

Construct and manufacture new tooling based on accepted design principles, using basic and advanced tool room machines. Analyzed current manufacturing methods to determine requirements for new dies, jigs, fixtures, and machine tooling. Tested finished tooling by checking produced parts for conformance to drawing. Monitored tooling to confirm design integrity and ease of use. Modified and repaired existing tooling to improve design and extend tool life. Incorporated suggestions from fabrication, engineering, welding, and assembly to improve existing tooling. Used and improved company documentation system to track tooling modifications. Updated tooling drawings to reflect modifications. Assured continuing operation of metal stamping presses and inspects parts for anomalies. Consulted with press operators and management concerning a die's performance and reports changes and recommendations for future use. Recommended changes in press operations to cure anomalies. Plastic injection mold repair of orifices, water/cooling line and jackets, runners and cavities using sinkers, electrodes and conventional machining techniques.


D & D Manufacturing – 1330 Pullman, El Paso, TX 79925, (915) 590-2655, Tool Room Supervisor, 11/07 to 03/11

Parkview Metal Products - 8500 Mountain Vista Pkwy, Las Cruces, NM 88005 (505)541-1100, Tool & Die Maker/Leadman, 10/03 to 07/07

D & D Manufacturing - 12058 Rojas, El Paso, TX 79925, (915) 590-2655, Tool & Die Maker, 8/02 to 10/03

Parkview Metal Products - 8500 Mountain Vista Pkwy, Las Cruces, NM 88005 (505)541-1100, Tool & Die Maker, 2/99 - 8/02

National Radio Astronomy Observatory - 1003 Lopezville, Socorro, NM 87801-0387 - (505)835-7000 Toolmaker, 6/98 - 2/99


New Mexico State University - AutoCad certification 2004

University of New Mexico – Mechanical Engineering – 2 yrs.

TVI – Machining

United States Marine Corps. Veteran