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Apples Baked With Cheese And Sausages

Serves 4-6

12 Link pork sausages
4 Tbsp. Flour
2 cups Hot water
1 Tbsp. Vinegar
½ t. Salt
4 medium-sized apples
2 Tbsp. Brown sugar
¼ lb. Cheese, sliced

Place sausages in a cold skillet, heat and cook slowly until browned, then place in casserole. Remove all but ¼ cup fat from skillet, add flour and brown. Add water gradually and cook until thickened. Add vinegar and salt. Pare and core apples and cut into rings. Arrange on sausages, sprinkle with brown sugar and pour sauce over. Cover and bake in moderate oven (350 degrees) for 30 minutes or until apples are tender. Arrange cheese on top and return to oven, uncovered, to melt and brown cheese. Of course, you can also use sausage patties.

Adapted from the Culinary Arts Institute Encyclopedic Cookbook by Ruth Berolzheimer

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