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The Apple Crossword



8. Common object: Snow White, William Tell, Isaac Newton, Hercules
10. Science: Producing, improving, and marketing of fruits.
12. WV state fruit, Golden....
15. Number of Tbsp of butter in apple butter.
16. The opening of an apple flower.
18. Unfiltered, unsweetened non-alcoholic drink.
19. Container with 40-48 apples.
20. Another name for american pioneer, John Chapman.


1. Berkeley Springs, WV Festival Apple...
2. Sap-sucking insect feared by WV growers.
3. Filtered cider.
4. Bush, Fan, Cordon, are types of?
5. Apple variety native to N. America.
6. Natural preservative.
7. Common: Pieter de Hooch, Nicholaes Maes and Gerard Ter Borch feature women doing what with apples?
9. Description: Edible flesh, tougher outer layer, seed core.
11. Branch of botany, studies and cultivates fruit.
13. Country: #1 apple producer.
14. Orchard celebration.
17. (Plural) Square, Quincunx, Triangular, Hexagonal and Contour: Shapes for what method of food production.

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