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Job Seekers Beware!

How Scammers And Recruiters May Be Hampering Your Ability To Find Work



Picture of M. Rhodes

Did you know that many of the “job postings” that you see online are not actually employers posting job openings? They are recruiters trolling for resumes. You see, recruiters have a hard time getting people who are looking for work to pay for the “service” of posting a resume (or profile) but businesses will pay recruiters for sorting through and finding qualified applicants. Most people do not immediately head to a recruiter to look for employment because they usually take a cut of your pay for 3-6 months if you get a job through one of their clients. So, recruiters found another way to get applicants to come to them sort of covertly. How? They post ads for jobs so that you will apply. Places like Craigslist are just inundated with these ads. Some recruiters charge businesses more than $400 per month and they might try to match your application with one of their clients but not necessarily. Others do not try to match employers to job seekers at all. They are just providing a database for employers to search for the resumes themselves.

What is the result of this practice?

Well, people looking for work are applying for jobs that don't exist. This can be very disheartening and time consuming for people who are honestly looking for employment, especially when the ad appears to be for work that you are highly qualified to do. There is all that time spent working on your resume, looking through listings online and in the papers and then emailing and applying to each individually. These very same services offer you resume writing tips, skills testing and whatever else they can to keep you coming back when they are the reason that you are having such a hard time sorting through all the listings. Small businesses that can't afford the monthly fee to look for qualified applicants don't like it the practice much either because even a small 20 word classified ad can cost as much an employee's weekly pay to run for just a few days. Why, so much? Because those newspapers have partnerships with recruiting sites. This means when an employer tries to place an ad in a printed publication, it is posted online for "free" but that's not really free. Is it? Any publication that has one of these partnerships will not allow just placing a print ad most likely because it is written into their partnership agreement. This is why the cost of a classified ad has skyrocketed over the last few years.

To add insult to injury...

If what happens in the above employment scam is not bad enough, here's another one.

I just uncovered that people are making fliers that are supposed to be information about how to apply for a job. Then they just take a picture of the flyer and post it in Facebook like someone found it on a building. In this economy? Instead of a web site that has a job opening for the business, the site is a domain that is usually for sale and they are just trying to get hits to the site, so that they can prove to a buyer that the site has traffic. In this way they can charge a premium for a site especially on sites that want you to bid for the domain. Traffic of that kind will not do squat for your business. The site will either be just a list of other sites with a little link that says that the site may be for sale or it will contain information about how to sell you a business model for doing the exact same thing to "get rich" selling domains. This is sneaky and underhanded if you ask me and pure laziness. Don't do business with a scammer or let them develop your site if you own a business. Help put an end to employment scamming. Don't post content like this. Verify that the job actually exists before posting it.

My Berkeley Springs LLC. does not tolerate such scams on our sites. When you go to our Jobs Page there are links to actual job listings. Most of our links will have an online job application.

Martha Rhodes is an administrator at and it's affiliated sites and the owner of My Berkeley Springs LLC.