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Picture of cherries

Cherries In Berkeley Springs



So, I bought our home sight unseen. The pictures of this place really looked great and my husband came out and looked at it so I just went with his feeling about it. It took about a year and a half for me to get here because lots of things needed to be fixed. Primarily the heating and cooling. Someone had stolen the copper in the house. Anyway, one of the things that we really looked forward to was that we had cherry tree(s) in the yard. I'm really not quite sure what all this stuff is in the yard and it all needs pruned but here is a picture of our cherries that we eagerly awaited ripening. They were really tart and small even when fully ripe. Now I knew they had to be pitted but I thought, it's just one bucket. How long could it take? After about 30 the answer was, longer than I was willing to invest. So, I decided to at least put some sugar in them and cook them so I could maybe just mash them and pick out the seeds. It turns out that is just as time consuming. I Googled “how to get out cherry pits out of cooked cherries”. No help. I remained undaunted because we have two juicers. I figured if worse came to worse, I'd go find those. All our kitchen equipment is in the garage in boxes because...well of course, we're renovating the kitchen as soon as we get through leveling and replacing the downstairs floors.

The kitchen I am currently working in is actually like a kitchenette off what someone had made into an in-laws quarters which is now our billiard room and master bedroom. Finding the juicers, I tried the small one first. After cleaning it up, it wouldn't turn on. The big one is a really, really big one so I weighed the situation and decided to try mashing again. Juice was going everywhere.

Meanwhile, my husband brings in a neighbor that happens to be an electrician because we are building a closet for our bedroom which didn't have one. The location of the closet required moving a light switch and my husband is a retired tool and die maker, not an electrician. Back to the cherries and this huge juicer that I have never used before. Matter-of-fact I didn't even know I had it until it was in our garage. I get the thing assembled to what I think should work (no instructions in the box). The first cup produced juice! The problem was? You guessed it, the pits! They made a horrible racket in the juicer and I'm thinking I don't know about whether pits or particles of pits can be ingested. So, I Googled that and it looks like the answer is “no”. So, I cleaned it all up again and threw that batch out. Thinking there must be a way, I took the grinding wheel out of the juicer and reassembled it. I put in another batch and it didn't grind the pits, but it spit them back out the top of the juicer (which might have been acceptable however the juice was not coming out of the pour spout). I swear, I did go to college folks!

I finally just cleaned up the juicers and went back to mashing and straining through my colander. I now have cherry pulp. That was my life today, I hope everyone else fared better.

Published by: My Berkeley Springs LLC.