My Berkeley Springs

In Wild & Wonderful West Virginia!

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The artists/craftsmen of Morgan County, WV offer unique and original works. Find out more about this artist as well as other area artists.

Tim Blankenship

What name do you design under?
Tim Blankenship Paintings
Where can your work be seen? and also at Tim Blankenship Paintings on Facebook
What type of art do you produce?
Landscape paintings in oil and other paintings in oil and acrylic.
Do you do custom work?
What is your email address?
Additional contact information?
Phone # 304-279-1892
Please give us a short bio.
Hi! My name is Tim Blankenship. I am in the West Va. Air National Guard fulltime. I have a few photographs on here, but i mostly do paintings. i started painting in 2010. I primarily like working with oil paint and doing landscapes. I want to expand my paintings into military subjects, especially aircraft. I also would like to do animals, especially greyhounds. Also check out my Facebook page "Tim Blankenship Paintings".I have a lovely wife Shelly and 2 kids (well, there grown up, so I guess you can't call them kids), Brittany and Geoffrey, and a cute little grand daughter named Aviela.