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Marvin Ford Painting

What name do you design under?
Marvin Ford Art
Where can your work be seen?
What type of art do you produce?
Realism, Portraits in oil, Watercolor, Sculptor, Colored pencil, Graphite and Conte
Link to a picture of your work.
Do you do custom work?
What is your email address?
Additional contact information?
Phone: 571-306-0442
Have you been recognized by any professional organizations for your art? If so, please elaborate.

2008 Howard University Solo Exhibition/Presentation Editorial & Radio Interview Washington, DC

2008 Safeway Solo Public Exhibition Washington, DC
2007 Potomac College Solo Show Washington, DC

2006 The Saloon (Night Club) Exhibition in collaboration with Melvin and the Soul Searchers Washington, DC

2004 "Artomatic" Capital Children's Museum Washington, DC

2004 "Artistry" Odyssey Cruise Ship Washington, DC

2003 "Turning New Ground" Market 5 Gallery Washington, DC

2003 Blues Alley (Night Club) exhibition in collaboration with Nathan Heathman Washington, DC

2002 "Through the Eyes of an Artist" Hyatt Regency Crystal City, VA

2001 "Growth of an Artist" Hyatt Regency Crystal City, VA

1983 "Eye on Washington" TV Interview Washington, DC

1982 “Congressional Black Arts Caucusâ€ art contest The Capitol's Rotunda
(First Place Winner) Washington, DC

1981 Folger's Shakespear Library Solo Show Washington, DC
Please give us a short bio.
Born and raised in
Washington, DC, Marvin Ford has literally been painting and drawing since the age of one. As Marvin reached his adolescent years, he would draw and paint on just about anything, frequently getting into trouble for using walls as his canvas. In an effort to correct this behavior, his mother purchased an art kit. With her push and his drive, something good was bound to happen, but of course there were obstacles.
His mother, a single parent of two, was unable to send him to art school because of tuition costs. It was not until the age of 15 that Marvin was able to attend Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, DC. There he studied 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art under world-renowned artist Simmie Knox. During his first year at Duke Ellington, Marvin's self portrait was entered in the Congressional Black Arts Caucus' art contest - he won first place. Later that year, he was featured in The Washington Times as one of the city's "up and coming young artists." Before graduating from Duke Ellington, Marvin's work was featured in art shows at The Folgers Shakespeare Theater and The Capitol's Rotunda.
A multi-talented artist, Marvin creates a variety of art in different forms from canvassed oil paintings to life-size sculptures. He also loves to work in other mediums including conté, charcoal, graphite, watercolor and colored pencils. Some of his most prized creations are located in Washington DC homes, several fine restaurants and Washington DC public schools. His magnificent sculptured pieces include "The Archer", "Torso", and "The Server" all made with wire hangers and Plaster a’ Paris.
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