My Berkeley Springs

In Wild & Wonderful West Virginia!

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The artists/craftsmen of Morgan County, WV offer unique and original works. Find out more about this artist as well as other area artists.

Profile Photograph Example of work.

What name do you design under?
Expressive Metals
Where can your work be seen?
I'm new to the area so my work can be seen at the Apple Butter Festival in the park. I also sell on my etsy store at
What type of art do you produce?
Hot forged metals, specializing in forged solid bronze belt buckles.
Do you do custom work?
What is your email address?
Additional contact information?
PO Box 133
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Have you been recognized by any professional organizations for your art? If so, please elaborate.
Artist-Blacksmith Association of North America has had me demonstrate at their international conferences two times.
My book, "A Blacksmithing Primer" won a Writers Notes Magazine book award.
Please give us a short bio.
I have been forging hot metal for over forty years and teaching nationwide for over thirty-five years. The entrance way and gates for the Children's Gardens at Hershey Gardens is the largest works I have designed and built and shows my whimsical flare. Currently I am specializing in smaller works in hot worked steel and bronze.
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