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The artists/craftsmen of Morgan County, WV offer unique and original works. Find out more about this artist as well as other area artists.

Erica Danile Example of work.

What name do you design under?
Erica Danile Photography
Where can your work be seen?
My work can be found on a number of websites including my personal website, Facebook page, Instagram, Deviantart, 500px, and a number of other photographically centered hosts.
What type of art do you produce?
The art I produce is what I like to call contemporary portraiture. It's a type of photography that is centered around the artistic rather than the traditional way of portraiture. This applies to family portraits you'd hang in the living fine art you'd seen in a documenting an event. My products are centered around capturing the beauty and realness of the moment.
Link to a picture of your work.
Do you do custom work?
What is your email address?
Additional contact information?
I can be reached through the email, Facebook, or website listed.
Have you been recognized by any professional organizations for your art? If so, please elaborate.
A 2014 Photographers Forum Photo Contest Finalist

Received 3rd Place in the Annual Vizzi Awards via James Rumsey
Please give us a short bio.
A portrait photographer with the goal of combining the beauty of the extraordinary with ordinary, everyday life. The past three and a half years have been dedicated in a formal classroom, as well as working in the field, to perfecting my skills within portraiture.

I am currently in the process of earning a Bachelors of Fine Arts with a concentration in photography. Along with formal education, experience in both portraiture and event has been gained while working in the field.

I am a people person with the desire to combine our visions to create a work of art.
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